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Here at vivid we’re always looking at ways to make our stand-building process more sustainable. From our logistics to the materials we use, careful consideration is given to every aspect of our client’s projects to make sure we’re supplying the most environmentally sustainable exhibition stands possible!
Energy – All the power, light and heating we use is provided by suppliers with green credentials, and 100% of our electrical tariff is from renewable energy sources. Our fleet of vehicles is electric, and we can even offer clients a charging station to use when they visit.

Supply chain – We ensure that all our suppliers not only provide more eco-friendly products but can demonstrate environmental best practices in everything from the delivery of products down to the recycling of materials.

Premises and location – Our headquarters have excellent energy efficiency and are ideally positioned in the Midlands to serve some of the largest exhibition halls in the UK, reducing miles travelled. Our staff are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport to travel to work, making their commutes as environmentally friendly as possible!

Waste management – Every year we are increasing the waste we recycled or materials reused, reducing our carbon footprint in the process.

Materials – We carefully select sustainable or renewable materials. We use sustainable eco board (rather than PVC foam board), recycled aluminium composite boards and non-PVC vinyls, and all our acrylic substitutes are from recycled sources.

Timber – We carefully select any timber used in our projects. We rent out timber displays and furniture, which are then refurbished, renewed and reused to remove waste from the process.

Reusable modular systems – Our modular system is a fully recyclable and reusable system that will still look brand new use after use while having a huge impact in the exhibition halls.

Single-use plastics and PVC – We avoid single-use plastics wherever possible and can advise on best practices to remove these from your displays.
Flooring and carpets – We offer a wide range of sustainable woollen alternatives to polyester carpets. All the raised flooring we use is a modular, rental and fully reusable system that can be easily transported. 

Lighting and electricity use – We offer an energy-efficient rental lighting system.

VIVID as a company strives to ensure that it works towards full sustainability 

  • Comply with all environmental legislation and policies

  • To check that all of our suppliers comply with environmental legislation and follow an environmental and sustainable policy.

  • To reduce material waste by careful consideration and required amounts.

  • Ensure FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified material is sourced when manufacturing products.

  • Promote environmentally-friendly staff transport (such as car sharing & cycle initiatives) whilst reducing car numbers for local business and residents.

  • Reuse resources wherever possible, opposed to disposing of them.

  • To disperse and locate where clearly visible, environmental advice posters in office and warehouse floors.

  • Ensure environmental responsibility is included in all staff job descriptions and contracts.

  • To communicate the Environmental Policy with all successful staff candidates prior (or at the commencement) of their employment.

  • Continue to improve environmental performance through the implementation and review of objectives and performance.

  • Develop our built infrastructure in the most environmental way as practicable.

  • Committed to reducing landfill waste.

One of our main targets is to reduce the amount of landfill waste even further. To achieve this goal, our future environmental and sustainable policy will include: a) An annual Audit to monitor waste disposal, b) Implement annual refresher waste disposal training to key members of staff, c) To access the viability of installing microchips into large disposal bins to measure the exact weight of waste going to landfill.

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our sustainable and environmental efforts. We promise to consistently update our policy to match these efforts. Our goal is to become as sustainable as possible in everything we do.


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